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9 March 2020


"News that Minister Taylor is in the US to sign up to relying on the US for Australia’s fuel security is an abrogation of our international agreement to hold 90 days fuel supplies," said Senator Patrick.

The agreement will allow Australia access to their strategic petroleum reserves. Unfortunately, in times of real need the US will look after itself first, as one would expect, and even if access was granted to their reserves, it is weeks away by ships that we don’t own.

"This is just smoke and mirrors," said Senator Patrick. "Australia should have appropriate fuel reserves. It’s obliged to have 90 days reserves under international agreements the Government has signed up to. We only have between 25 and 30 days, and that’s only because that’s what’s held commercially."

"The Government is failing to take its fuel security obligations seriously. Amazingly this flawed approach is being adopted at the same time coronavirus is testing Australian supply chains."

"I will be seeking details of the agreement when Parliament returns," said Senator Patrick. "What are the terms, what are the costs?"