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Did you know that Australia still does NOT have a sovereign aerial firefighting fleet?

The Government has failed to act by totally ignoring this Interim recommendation of the Bushfire Royal Commission

Our bushfire seasons aren't going away - they are getting worse! We can't afford not to be prepared!

If you agree with me that Australia must build a sovereign aerial firefighting fleet then SIGN THIS PETITION!



  • Each bushfire season the Government leases foreign owned helicopters and planes. This is a huge misuse of taxpayer funds because it is exporting money that could be spent here
  • The Government must back the local Aussie aviation industry to build-up a sovereign aerial firefighting fleet 
  • A sovereign aerial firefighting fleet would ensure we are prepared for the next bushfire season
  • This fleet should be owned by Australians and flown by Australians - our heroes of the sky!

Will you sign?

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

I support Senator Rex Patrick’s petition to establish a sovereign aerial firefighting fleet

I urge the Senate to agree that the Government must establish a sovereign aerial firefighting fleet