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South Australian Made

We have to make more things in South Australia and create better higher paid jobs here. We must reduce our dependency on foreign supply chains and boost onshore resilience. Time to make our sovereign capability a reality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated Australia’s vulnerability in a crisis. Self-sufficiency must be a key focus as we move forward. Whether it’s manufacturing our own health equipment, building all our navy vessels or producing world class steel, Australian Made policies must be at the forefront of our COVID-19 recovery. Rex has long campaigned to rebuild South Australia’s and Australia's manufacturing industry. He has:

  • Introduced legislation to require all our naval ships to be built here in Australia, instead of exporting our jobs and taxpayer dollars overseas
  • Championed South Australian industry participation in the future submarine and future frigate programs
  • Negotiated changes to procurement rules so that government purchases must consider economic benefit to Australia, thereby maximising Australian jobs, local investment and local supply chains
  • Introduced legislation to ban dangerous, non-compliant building products from entering Australia. This would help to prevent disasters like the Lacrosse building in Melbourne Docklands 2014 and the Grenfell Tower in London 2017 and encourage the use of safe, high-quality Australian manufactured building materials

What can we do?

  • Demand the Australian Government uses Australian steel on all taxpayer-funded projects, including projects funded by Federal grants to the states and territories
  • Require Federal and State governments to always take full account of the economic and social benefits of selecting Australian providers when they purchase goods and services
  • Strengthen Australia’s anti-dumping regime to prevent cheap, poor-quality imported goods flooding the market and destroying Australian jobs in the process. The Government should also support small to medium-sized businesses to obtain assistance in making anti-dumping claims. The current system for making anti-dumping claims is much too complex, expensive and bureaucratic
  • Ban the importation of dangerous, poor quality cladding and support Australian building material manufacturers
  • Encourage value-add activities here in Australia. We should stop simply exporting rocks. Rather than exporting all our iron ore, let’s make steel here in Australia. Rather than exporting all our lithium, let’s make batteries