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10 April 2022

Independent Senator Rex Patrick has today called on all political parties to commit to a permanent ban on the use of election corflutes in future state and federal election campaigns.

"The time has come to ban election corflutes," declared Senator Patrick. "And to lead by example I'm promising you'll not see my mug on any stobie pole in the coming election campaign."

“South Australians have just faced a tidal wave of visual pollution during the State election campaign,” Senator Patrick said. "They don't need another six weeks of vanity posters staring at them as they drive about the streets".

“Corflute mania has long been a feature of our election campaigns, but enough is enough. We have to ban them. There's no evidence that they do anything to help voters," said Senator Patrick. “This is a political arms race in which it appears everyone is firing blanks.”

“After the South Australian Marshall Government failed to secure Parliamentary approval for restrictions on election corflutes, an advertising contest spread across Adelaide’s suburbs, along our major roads and through other SA cities and towns for the recent state election campaign.”

“And after the State election concluded thousands of election corflutes have been dumped into rubbish bins and landfill."

“The major political parties don’t care about our environment. They’re happy to foul SA landscapes with pictures of grinning political drones. And they’re all too happy to be beholden to big political donors who fund all this waste.”

“Corflutes are environmentally wasteful. They’re an eyesore along our roadsides. Putting corflutes up on stobie poles can be dangerous for the volunteers that mount them and the cable ties used to attach them can be harmful to our wildlife. They’re an expensive and environmentally destructive vanity exercise, fuelling the insatiable demand for money that corrupts our political life.”

“I won’t be deploying corflutes in the pending Federal election campaign, and I urge other candidates and political parties to join me.” 

"Whilst I don't expect the major parties to jump on board with my call this election, both parties of Government should commit to bringing forward legislation in the next Parliament to ban the use of corflutes in election campaigns."

“Moreover I urge SA voters to send the major parties a message by supporting my campaign to ban the use of corflutes in future Federal election campaigns.”

“2022 will hopefully be the last time South Australians have to put up with all this political rubbish. We really do need to ban the corflutes.” 

“Whether it’s fighting for a Federal ICAC with teeth or stopping the environmentally wasteful vanity exercise that is corflutes, I’m committed to cleaning up politics.”