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Campaign Wins

I see a prosperous future for SA and I work hard every day to make this a reality.

I'm proud of the wins we’ve achieved so far. As your Senator I will continue to work tirelessly for the best interests of SA and the Australian people!


Featured Wins


Stopped unfair regional airport tax

  • My tireless campaigning resulted in the Federal Government stopping their regional airport tax. We had 2000 SA regional residents and travellers sign my petition to stop this tax.
  • I uncovered that this “Tax” would see flights to regional locations, such as Whyalla, increase by up to $69 per passenger. This would make many regional air routes unviable.
  • Now, regional airport security charges will treat regional travellers fairly, no matter what destination they depart from.
  • Regional travellers won’t be slugged with unfair fees and regional airlines are in a better position to continue to offer regional flights.
  • This is great news for South Australian destinations including Mt Gambier, Kingscote, Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Roxby Downs.

Saved 700 submarine jobs

  • With the support of 3500 South Australians, I successfully fought the Federal Government’s plans to shift 700 SA Collins submarine maintenance jobs to Perth to shore up WA votes.
  • This move would have cost taxpayers more than 1 million dollars and taken away $400 million from the SA economy every year – not to mention harming national security.
  • The decision to keep the jobs at the ASC facility at Osborne is great news for the 700 workers and their families, the small businesses dependent on this work and for the economic activity it brings to SA.

#Watergate scandal

  • After well over two years chasing the truth, I obtained secret documents revealing Australian taxpayers paid almost double the nominal value price for water licences from properties, Clyde and Kia Ora.
  • The Liberal-Nationals Coalition Government went to great lengths to keep this shameful waste of taxpayers’ money a secret from Australians.
  • We deserve Government transparency and accountability. Too often this sort of incompetence goes without consequences. This should not be the case.
  • Australian taxpayers, stakeholders in the Murray-Darling Basin and our great river system all deserve much better.

Secured funding for a new steel processing plant

  • I lobbied, with the support of 3,500 South Australians, for the Government to commit $15 million to establish a steel processing plant to build electrical transmission towers in Whyalla from Whyalla steel.

  • This investment will directly employ 80 people during construction and, once the facility is in operation, will directly employ 150 workers.

  • Over the next decade it is expected that at least $400 million of infrastructure capital expenditure that would otherwise be spent overseas will be brought back to Australia with over 160,000 tonnes of steel sourced from Australian steel manufacturers.


Uncovered flawed Murray-Darling Basin Plan


$5M for EV manufacturing in SA

  • EVs are our transport future. I strongly advocated for the Federal Government to support investing in EV manufacturing in SA.
  • In a win for the environment, Australian jobs and SA, ACE's EV project and their suppliers were awarded $5M in the Federal Budget.
  • The new EV production facility will see vehicle manufacturing brought back to SA for the first time in three years since the closure of the Holden factory in 2017.
  • Several South Australian companies will be involved in the supply chain for the ACE EV project, including Aldom Motor Body Builders at Wingfield.

Prevented foreign takeover of Australian gas company

  • I successfully lobbied the Federal Government to block the takeover of Australian gas and electricity company APA Group by Chinese owned CKI Group in 2018.
  • This $13 billion deal was not in Australia's national interest and would have further eroded sovereignty of Australian gas supplies.
  • I am determined to protect Australia’s critical assets and services from foreign control and influence.

More Wins I’m Proud Of

Whyalla’s iconic Beach Café was shut down in 2020 under the direction of a local Council that had lost touch with its community. Closing the café was a huge loss to the soul of the foreshore and was devastating for its many employees.

Thankfully, the Mayor recognised the level of anger this decision generated and hosted a community meeting, where I saw first hand how much the Beach Café meant to locals who demanded the Council fix their mistake. At this meeting, I presented the Mayor with a petition on behalf of over 1700 constituents who signed my petition. 

I scrutinised the actions of the Council, and with the support of the community, put pressure on them to reverse the decision. After this lobbying, the Council decided to keep the iconic Beach Café. Democracy at work!

We need national heritage listing for the Bight. If we do not have robust protections for this pristine environment it will be under constant threat from other companies seeking to drill there. I am committed to Fight for the Bight, and subsequently, our environment, and our fishing and tourism industries.

When the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) approved the seismic surveying in the Bight by the Norwegian headquartered company PGS, I persuaded NOPSEMA to review this decision to ensure the Bight's marine life is not affected by the disturbance.

I fought long and hard in opposition to Equinor's plans to drill in the Bight, which would have brought significant risk to the environment and our fishing and tourism industries. In February of 2020, I welcomed Equinor's decision to abandon its plans to drill in the Bight.

Recently, I took on the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA) about their continuous cycle of approvals for work variations and lease extensions for Great Australian Bight tenements. This was creating great uncertainty for SA’s fishing and tourism industries, halting investment and growth in these key sectors.

NOPTA has subsequently declined a ‘variation in work program’ application for Bight Petroleum’s exploration permits, EPP41 and 42, located nearby Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island, resulting in big implications in future attempts to renew their lease. This means the company will have to complete a whole range of work activities prior to July 2021 - seismic surveys and the drilling of an exploration well - or default on their lease agreements. Completion of the necessary work would, on the face of it, be impossible.

These are important wins in the continuing battle to preserve the pristine ocean off our coast.

I proudly opened Adelaide’s new Auto Innovation Centre, the second of its kind in Australia. Nick Xenophon and I secured the funding for the facility, and I helped smooth a few bumps in the road as the project progressed.

The new Auto Innovation Centre is an important facility to assist the aftermarket automotive industry since car manufacturing closed down in Australia. Many industry players transitioned to other areas, but some stayed, and the Auto Innovation Centre is intended to assist them in a more difficult product development environment.

The Elizabeth based Auto Innovation Centre will assist manufacturers of aftermarket automotive products such as bull bars, suspension systems and roof racks, that need access to data on proposed and new vehicles, and access to actual vehicles, so that they can design and test their products.

It’s effectively a pooled resource that reduces costs for those in the industry. It’s a win for SA.


SA community TV station, Channel 44, has been given a three-year lifeline after the Senate supported my amendments to a recent Government Bill.Channel 44 is a great community service that also serves as a training ground for people interested in working in TV. 

My amendment sought to ensure that the station has three years to transition its audience to the internet.Without this lifeline, we would have lost Channel 44 this year. I’m glad to have helped an important community service.

I have assisted many South Australian constituents to have their inaccurate robodebts repaid or waived, including scoring four wins against the Government at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

The Government admitted it stole money from 373,000 people through its disastrous Robodebt scheme. While helping South Australians, I have discovered that the Government AGAIN attempted to avoid its commitment to pay back stolen money by deceptively 'averaging' or 'apportioning' debts - even if people provided Centrelink with payslips. The scale of this exploitation is shocking, with up to 184,000 vulnerable Australians including up to 15,500 South Australians not being refunded!

I took this to the Social Services Minister, and since, The AAT has confirmed in our decisions that Services Australia’s practice of averaging payslips to calculate Centrelink debts is inaccurate and simply cannot be done.

I will keep fighting to get many more wins for constituents until all unfair debts are repaid. You can help me to keep the pressure on the Government to fix this problem by signing my Robodebt 2.0 Petition!

I introduced the Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced By Uyghur Forced Labour) Bill into the Senate on 08 December 2020 seeking to ban the importation of any goods made in Xinjiang and other places across China that are produced in whole or in part by forced labour. In June of this year, the Committee handed down its report.

The Committee has recommended the Customs Act be amended to ban the importation of any goods that are produced in whole or in part by forced labour, regardless of geographic origin. It also recommended a range of complimentary measures to deal with this awful trade.

The report was bi-partisan. I am now holding the Government’s feet to the fire until they accept the recommendations of the Committee. Please continue to help me put pressure on the Government to Ban Uyghur Forced Labour by signing my petition!