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First Degree Free

Our future needs better education

Your first University or TAFE qualification should be for free. Our future depends upon well educated people from all backgrounds.

How to pay for world class education

People ask, how do we pay for this? There are three ways, which are proven and achievable:

  1. By exporting steel instead of iron ore, exporting batteries instead of lithium and exporting product instead of research. By value adding here in Australia we will create greater local wealth which can be re-invested in education.
  2. By having a fairer corporate tax system. 170 companies in Australia have paid ZERO tax over the past seven year off the back of $970 Billion in revenue. Many more pay minuscule amounts of tax in relation to their income. If everyone paid their fair share of tax we could easily fund first degrees free.
  3. By properly taxing the sale of our finite natural resources, to gain a proper return for what is ours, so that we can properly fund our future.

What's needed is the political will to do what is right in the national interest. You can show your support to help me, here: Keep the bastards honest.

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