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Can we afford to reduce the fuel excise? 

Yes, we can. The Federal Government wants to have as much money as possible for pork barrelling before the federal election to buy votes in marginal seats. And the Labor party also wants to have as much money as possible for their pork barrelling.

Our economy will benefit from Australians not struggling under crippling fuel prices and rising inflation that will occur if relief is not provided.

Our local businesses are still recovering from COVID, and need more money to be flowing to them to reduce their costs when using a vehicle to run their business.

John Howard enacted an emergency fuel excise measure when he was in government which had a profound and positive impact. The current Labor and Liberal parties are too busy trying to win an election to listen to your pain.

I hear you! As an independent senator, I’m free of party politics or lobby interests. I’m here to add balance and common sense to Federal decision making and to do the right thing for South Australia.

Please sign the petition so I can take action in Federal Parliament, to keep the bastards honest, just I have done with robo debt, jobs in SA, ICAC and many more wins.

Sign the petition

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in the Parliament assembled.

I support Senator Rex Patricks petition to immediately reduce the fuel excise immediately by 50% as an emergency measure.

I urge the Senate to agree that Australians deserve this relief for 12 months to help Australians meet the cost of living and avoid high inflation, and local business weather the storm of global uncertainty.