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3 May 2022

Independent Senator Rex Patrick has proposed a much-needed fix for mobile black spots across the country’s regional and rural areas.

“We all know how crucial mobile coverage is in times of emergency. Your postcode should not dictate whether or not you can call for help when it's really needed.”

“By making a simple and much needed amendment to telecommunications law in Australia, we can get some equality of mobile coverage across the country.”

“I’m calling on the Labor Opposition and Coalition Government to support my call to amend telecommunications law to include mobile coverage as part of the Customer Service Guarantee.”

“Instead of pork-barrelling their way through the countryside with grants in seats they are hoping to win or retain, the Government should be amending the law and making mobile coverage a universal service obligation (USO) for providers, as is the case with NBN and landlines.”

“With or without the support of the major parties, I’ll be putting up a bill to amend the law if re-elected to the next Parliament.”

"The telecommunications providers won't want this change to happen, but that's no reason to deny Australians access to potentially lifesaving communications."

"Australians should be able to count on mobile phone coverage at home, their work and on our major roads and highways."

"The lives of people who live in the regions are no less valuable than the lives of those living in the city."

The National Map Government site shows many blackspots around South Australia in the Eyre Peninsula and the state’s south-east.