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Media Releases

4 October 2021

Senator patrick moves to expose the prime minister's dirty secrets
30 September 2021

Murray-darling at risk of becoming australia's aral sea
26 September 2021

Senator patrick moves to kill off prime minister morrison’s ‘national cabinet’ secrecy legislation
23 September 2021

senator patrick welcomes parliamentary scrutiny of submarine decisions – a comprehensive report is required before the federal election
21 September 2021

Timber transport subsidy expansion welcomed
20 September 2021

Safety first: independent safety review of nuclear-powered submarine project is essential
16 September 2021

A win for south australia: collins-class submarine full-cycle dockings to remain at osborne
16 September 2021

Nuclear submarines decision must be subject to rigorous parliamentary review
10 September 2021

Rex v scott 2.0: federal court action commenced to tackle pm's transparency allergy
3 September 2021

'national cabinet' secrecy vault opened
2 September 2021

Scott morrison and national cabinet secrets: a sore loser, obsessed with secrecy, allergic to transparency
1 September 2021

Bill to require aged care facilities to have a registered nurse on-site 24/7
1 September 2021

Senate to decide on potential contempt by tax commissioner on jobkeeper transparency order
29 August 2021

Move to stop ‘mates’ being appointed to the aat
26 August 2021

Government covering up jobkeeper misuse
23 August 2021

Senate votes to ban import of goods made with forced labour: a victory for the campaign against slavery, in spite of complete moral failure from the coalition government
22 August 2021

Senate to vote on legislation to ban import of goods made with slave labour
16 August 2021

Action to reveal timor sea secrets
12 August 2021

Tax commissioner opposing jobkeeper transparency
5 August 2021

Rex v scott: national cabinet exposed as a fake cabinet, just coag by another name
29 July 2021

Doherty institute vaccination modelling should be released now
24 July 2021

National archives a memory hole
10 July 2021

Time to end australia's 'one china' policy
1 July 2021

Cinemas should think again about screening ccp propaganda
29 June 2021

Covid-19 royal commission required
24 June 2021

Bill introduced to ban import of goods made with slave labour
18 June 2021

Witness k prosecution shameful
17 June 2021

Action on uyghur forced labour must not be delayed
18 May 2021

Rex v scott: national cabinet secrecy battle
16 May 2021

China lng ban could have silver lining
13 May 2021

Stranded aussies betrayed again
13 May 2021

No crime to return home: senate to be asked to protect the right of distressed aussies to come home
12 May 2021

Time to call out and deal with cyber elephant in the room
11 May 2021

Some good initiatives but budget lacks vision and oversight
29 April 2021

Adelaide welcomes auto innovation centre
24 April 2021

Information commissioner must decide soon, or face court
30 March 2021

China must pay diplomatic price for cyber attacks
29 March 2021

Pm’s meaningless shuffle
16 March 2021

Immediate assistance needed to save sa’s independent cinemas
15 March 2021

Coalition and labor roll over to china on uyghur genocide motion
10 March 2021

Whyalla steelworks must be protected as a vital national asset
23 February 2021

Morrison must read the writing on the wall on fossil fuels
12 February 2021

Another ‘fight for the bight’ win
11 February 2021

Strip the nationals of the water portfolio
10 February 2021

Afca chair helen coonan should resign in light of crown resort money laundering findings
30 January 2021

Sic' em rex! rex patrick team steps into the political battle
22 January 2021

Call for tech giants to face regular accc algorithm audits
11 January 2021

Attorney-general must explain national security error to parliament
7 January 2021

Australia should open the door wider for hong kongers
28 December 2020

Australian government should cancel agreements with chinese university involved in economic espionage
16 December 2020

Wrong appointment: water minister commits gross error in murray-darling compliance appointment
16 December 2020

Full transparency needed for chinese communist party members in australia
14 December 2020

Sa defence state strategy 2030 shows premier marshall has given up on keeping collins sustainment work
9 December 2020

No to cashless debit card
8 December 2020

Bill to ban goods produced by uyghur forced labour introduced to australian parliament
4 December 2020

Richardson and government wrong on lack of parliamentary oversight of intelligence operations
1 December 2020

Labor and coalition oppose review of the china-australia free trade agreement
30 November 2020

Renewed call for a radical reduction in china’s diplomatic and consular presence in australia
30 November 2020

Wto complaint on china wine tariffs no quick fix: government support for wine industry urgently required
24 November 2020

Morrison wrong to roll out cptpp welcome mat for china
22 November 2020

National parliamentary apology required for afghanistan war crimes
19 November 2020

Adf afghanistan war crimes report
19 November 2020

Urgent parliamentary review of china-australia free trade agreement required
16 November 2020

China timber ban an aussie value-add opportunity
11 November 2020

Morrison government blocks senate vote on taiwan
9 November 2020

Jobfakers: parliament must not squib its constitutional responsibilities
30 October 2020

Northern exposure: government bungle to cost taxpayers $250m
26 October 2020

Transparency on covid-19 vaccine strategy vital
21 October 2020

Downer's job with gibraltar tax haven not a good look
19 October 2020

Australia can’t turn a blind eye to human rights abuse in the shadow of beijing olympic stadium
14 October 2020

Time to wrap up and review australia’s military commitments in the middle east
9 October 2020

Australian olympic committee should be subject to new foreign relations laws
8 October 2020

Calls finally answered to establish centre for augmented reasoning
7 October 2020

Australia must boycott the beijing winter olympic games
6 October 2020

Transmission towers to be made in whyalla using local steel
6 October 2020

Vehicle manufacturing to return to sa
4 October 2020

Patrick and hanson-young joint statement on uni fee hikes and centre alliance
1 October 2020

Call for jcpaa’s auditor general funding recommendation to be made public as the pm prepares for ‘sports rorts’ payback
24 September 2020

Australia must ban products produced by uyghur forced labour
10 September 2020

Government infrastructure plans shaping up to be an economic house of cards
9 September 2020

The time for government to back electric vehicles has come
8 September 2020

Australian government should end chinese communist xinhua news agency operations in australia
7 September 2020

Premier marshall's candidate for legislative council president must provide full transparency
4 September 2020

Murray-darling water buybacks crucial for environmental recovery
28 August 2020

Sa premier must fully disclose china dealing
17 August 2020

#watergate valuations revealed after lengthy transparency battle
17 August 2020

Sa government must review relations with china
16 August 2020

‘extreme’ espionage threat: china’s consulate-general in adelaide should be closed
14 August 2020

Government needs to buy into resilience
11 August 2020

Warning to australia post: deliver letters every business day or lose monopoly privilege
10 August 2020

Rex goes independent
2 August 2020

Action required to protect australia’s power grid from foreign disruption
29 July 2020

Strong ausmin statement in support of taiwan welcomed
28 July 2020

Mandatory quarantining for mps to permit parliamentary sittings
21 July 2020

Reschedule parliament or cut our pay
16 July 2020

Water purchasing fiasco
15 July 2020

Call to reduce chinese diplomatic and consular presence in australia
18 August 2020

Defence strategic review welcome but questions remain
10 June 2020

Parliament to choose national radioactive waste facility site prime agricultural land or remote and secure woomera prohibited area?
1 June 2020

Replacement domestic violence inqury welcomed
1 June 2020

All the prime minister's premiers scott morrison's new national cabinet power grab likely to be a raw deal for the states
27 May 2020

Strategic oil reserve farce secret ‘arrangement’, no scrutiny, no guarantee, questionable financing arrangements, fuel security review on the back-burner
24 May 2020

60 billion reasons to release treasury modelling
19 May 2020

Domestic violence inquiry fails australian public
13 May 2020

Coalition and labor baulk at debate on china senate inquiry
13 May 2020

Rex secures fairer approach for airport security costs
12 May 2020

Time to end oil and gas uncertainty in the great australian bight
30 April 2020

Pm's covid-19 inquiry hypocrisy as pm asks china to open up, the australian government pulls down the local shutters
29 April 2020

Senate inquiry into australia-china relations
17 April 2020

Government contracts must preference aussie companies as part of covid-19 recovery
17 April 2020

Regional express covid-19 tactics a disgrace
9 April 2020

Covid-19 exposes failures of successive governments
30 March 2020

Planning for post-pandemic recovery must start now
18 March 2020

Statement on senator patrick's covid-19 self-isolation and testing
18 March 2020

Time to mobilise the medical reserves: student dotors and nurses should be readied to reinforce our health workforce
14 March 2020

Morrison government dragging feet on europe entry ban decision
11 March 2020

Transparency and honesty required on government projections of coronavirus spread
9 March 2020

'smoke and mirrors' from morrison government on fuel reserves
26 February 2020

Senate supports establishment of inquiry into domestic violence
24 February 2020

Senate push for action to prevent violence against women and their children
21 February 2020

Regional airport security screening set to kill off regional routes
1 February 2020

Radioactive waste management facility decision requires close scrutiny
28 January 2020

Australia's border response to coronavirus is inadequate
19 December 2019

Attorney-general fails on ‘alan johns’ secrecy case: senate inquiry into national security and the courts required
6 December 2019

Senator patrick secures extra mental health services for veterans
4 December 2019

Nsw government's petulance further jeopardises the murray-darling
18 November 2019

Time to end foreign influence transparency exemption for mps
11 November 2019

One rule for them, no rule for us: coalition and labor combine to shield ministers from security checks
7 November 2019

Aussie transmission towers must use aussie steel
28 October 2019

River in crisis, farmers in crisis, food bowl in crisis
20 October 2019

Disgraceful!!! ato whistleblower cut loose by inspector-general of taxation
16 October 2019

Time to wind down australia's military commitments in the middle east