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Meet Rex

A South Australian country boy at heart, Rex grew up in Whyalla before joining the Royal Australian Navy at 16.   

Rex served on Oberon and Collins submarines and trained as an electronics technician. After 11 years of service with the Navy he worked in Australia’s defence industry, establishing his own small business specialising in sonar and acoustics training.

Rex’s interest in Australia’s submarine capability led him to writing on defence issues. His ambition to help secure significant Defence work for South Australia resulted in Rex working for Senator Nick Xenophon. Rex was handpicked by Nick to take over as Senator for South Australia in November 2017.

As a Senator for South Australia, Rex remains 100% focussed on advancing the interests of our State. Rex’s core focus is ensuring that South Australia gets its fair share from policies made in Canberra.

He works tirelessly to deliver a prosperous future for SA and is committed to ensuring that all South Australians, whatever their circumstances, have opportunity to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Rex continues to fight to restore South Australia’s manufacturing industry and sovereign capability in areas such as the Whyalla steel industry, advanced automotive industry, energy transition, critical infrastructure and fuel security.

Rex negotiated hard with the Federal Government to achieve reforms to reduce energy costs, standing up for South Australians who are paying the highest electricity bills in the nation.

Rex continues to push for fair water management and strong environmental protection in the Murray-Darling Basin. He’s kept pressure on government by exposing bad decisions such as the million-dollar purchases of ghost water in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

Rex hates unnecessary government secrecy and strongly believes that good government and value for money for taxpayers requires strong democratic accountability and transparency. He uses Freedom of Information laws and powers of the Senate to expose dodgy decisions and poor administration that the Government battles to keep hidden from the public.

As a former serviceman, Rex understands the concerns of the veteran community, and has achieved better mental health outcomes and support services for the veterans and their families.

Rex is determined to ensure a stronger, more self-reliant Australian Defence Force, able to protect our continent and national interests. He is deeply committed to ensuring the Collins class submarine sustainment work stays in South Australia and making sure SA is a strong competitor for future defence contracts. 

Rex continues to be a vocal supporter of government whistleblowers like Witness K and Richard Boyle who are being persecuted for revealing the truth about shameful and indefensible government actions. 

Outside of politics, Rex’s interests include photography, reading and exploring the Australian countryside, but his pride and joy are his two teenage daughters.


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