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5 October 2020


South Australian Senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Rex Patrick are calling on their fellow South Australian MPs Rebekah Sharkie and Stirling Griff to reject the Morrison Government’s cruel university reforms.

“We believe this bill will have a negative impact on South Australia’s young people, research capacity and job creation in our state,” they said.

“We urge our fellow South Australian politicians to reject the bill and stand up for SA.

“The Government’s proposed changes will be devastating long term for SA families, at a time when we actually need more options for our State’s young people to be engaged in study and training, if they are unable to work. 

“South Australia’s three major universities oppose this legislation and so should Senator Griff and Rebekah Sharkie.” 

Senator Patrick said:

“Young people are our future and it is in the national interest to invest in them. We should be increasing, not decreasing, investment in our universities. These changes go in the wrong direction.”

“The University of Adelaide has accurately described the effects of this bill in its submission. It will deliver their students a 9% increase in HECS-HELP charges, will reduce funding the university’s funding by 15% and result in a very significant cut to core research funding.”
“This bill is bad for students, bad for universities, bad for research, bad for South Australia, and bad for Australia.”
"Let’s hope Stirling Griff and Rebekha Sharkie don’t let SA students and parents down. Any changes they negotiate to the bill will be like putting a bandaid on a broken bone. They must reject the Government’s destructive higher education proposal.”


Greens Senator Hanson-Young said:

“Passing this bill would be a kick in the guts to SA students. We have the highest youth unemployment rate in the country – these changes will lock our young people into a life of unemployment or a massive debt burden before they even get into the workforce.

“Students shouldn’t be punished for pursuing their strengths and interests, let alone arts and creative industries in the Festival State.

“Centre Alliance should see what Senator Patrick and I have, and reject this bill today.”