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29 March 2021

Senator Patrick has called out today’s Cabinet reshuffle as a meaningless exercise.

“It’s a traditional shuffling of the political deck. Whilst a number of the cards are in a different position, it’s the same deck made up of the same dog-eared cards”.

“The Prime Minister has conducted the shuffle as an attempt at a political reset. He is trying to create the impression that things have changed, but they haven’t.”

“We have the same ministers that have been involved in controversy and the same Prime Minister who has struggled to deal with the events.”

“Concerns about the Prime Minister’s leadership arose after his poor response to the 2019/20 bushfire season. They were masked as COVID-19 kicked in and whole-of-government advice was heeded to pull the country through the pandemic, but the same leadership concerns have re-emerged.”

“The Government’s big problem is the Prime Minister.”

“Sometimes leaders grow into high office. But too often fatal flaws and inadequacies are shown in stark relief. This is certainly the case with Prime Minister Morrison. He’s not up to the job. He’s lead in the saddlebags. We would be better served if he were cut loose and we all moved on.”