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No ordinary politician.
Extraordinary action and accountability.

Rex makes a difference because he’s not a career politician, he draws on real life experience in fulfilling his role as a Senator. This experience comes from his service in the Royal Australian Navy, work in defence industry, as a project manager, a trainer and a small business owner. This is why he understands what it takes to make a living, dealing with the day-to-day stress faced by Australians.

As an independent, he works for the people of South Australia, not the leadership of a major political party — this means his power base is you.

Below is an overview of some of Rex’s wins, from community focussed issues to topics of national significance.

Rex's Wins:

  • Climate Change Action

    Secured $5 Million to kickstart an Electric Vehicle manufacturing facility.

  • Banning Forced Labour Goods

    Having worked with the Uyghurs he passed a Bill in the Senate to ban goods made using forced labour.

  • Fair Go For SA

    Stopped regional airports from being lumbered with crippling security costs which would have seen some fares increasing by as much 50%.

  • Australian Made

    Secured Government support for a steel processing and galvanising plant in Whyalla to onshore the manufacture of overland transmission towers.

  • Cape Hardy Development

    Secured $25 million seed funding to get development of the multimodal port at Cape Hardy underway.

  • RoboDebt

    Helped South Australians get their money back from dodgy RoboDebt claims.

  • Keeping the Bastards Honest

    Fought against the lack of Government transparency using Freedom Of Information and the questioning of Ministers and officials, to expose how they make decisions and spend taxpayers’ money.

  • Federal ICAC

    Worked tirelessly to expose government impropriety and corruption, including the introduction of legislation for the establishment of a Federal ICAC - integrity commission - with real teeth to fight corruption.

  • Support for Australian High-Tech STEM.

    Secured $20 Million Funding for the Australian Institute of Machine Learning helping to advance Australia’s high technology STEM.

  • Saved the Whyalla Beach Café

    Worked with the community to reverse a decision to shut down the Whyalla Beach Café. Following Town Hall meetings, a media campaign, a petition signed by over 1700 constituents and direct liaison with the Mayor, the Council decided to keep the iconic Beach Café.

  • Automotive Innovation Centres

    Made sure the funding commitments for the Automotive Innovation Centres remained on track through to the opening of the centres and their assisting the onshore aftermarket automotive industry.

  • Obtained Information on Murray-Darling Water Scandals

    Revealed Australian taxpayers paid almost double the nominal value price for water licences from properties, Clyde and Kia Ora.

  • Regional Internet

    Worked with Wudinna Council and NBN Co to improve internet connections in Wudinna.

  • Helping Small Business

    Worked with the Small Business Ombudsman to pressure the Government into making sure subcontractors got paid quickly and on time.

  • Advancing the Recycle Economy

    Worked with a small business to develop their concept, connected them with a waste producer and liaised with government to establish a facility for making robust building blocks from waste ash

  • Critical Australian Assets

    Lobbied the Government to stop the takeover of APA Gas and Electricity by a Chinese company.

  • Community TV

    Helped secure the extension of Channel 44 Community TV’s license for another 3 years.

  • Australian Infrastructure Projects

    Lobbied the Government to change the structuring of Australian infrastructure projects to ensure Australian owned contractors could realistically compete for work.