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13 April 2022

Independent Senator Rex Patrick has responded to Prime Minister Morrison’s statement today that he won’t commit to putting his Government’s draft national integrity commission legislation to a vote in the next Parliament.

“Scott Morrison’s proposal for a Federal ICAC was a sham; it was a draft for an integrity commission from someone singularly lacking in political integrity,” Senator Patrick said. 

“The Prime Minister had three years to move on this; yet he never actually introduced his Bill into the Parliament. He always knew it was a political fraud that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

“The truth is the Coalition failed to enact a national anti-corruption commission because under this Prime Minister they are politically corrupt.”

“The Prime Minister’s statement today is perhaps a rare expression of honesty  – he really has no interest in a Federal ICAC and only wants to shift blame onto others for that failure.”

“If re-elected to the Senate, I’ll be re-introducing the legislation previously tabled by the Member for Indi, Dr Helen Haines, and myself to establish a national integrity commission with real teeth.”

“This is absolutely vital to efforts to fix Australia’s broken and corrupted political system. Establishing a Federal ICAC empowered to turn the blowtorch on corrupt MPs and public servants will continue to be a top priority for me as an Independent Senator.”