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4 February 2022

Independent Senator Rex Patrick today confirmed his plans to run for a South Australian Senate seat at the forthcoming Federal election, under the Rex Patrick Team banner.

“Neither the Liberals nor Labor have much interest in changing things, having built the system in their self-interest. They are not about acting in the national interest, it’s all about what is in the interest of their political party,” said Senator Patrick.

For his second term as a Senator, Rex Patrick will continue to build upon the old Australian Democrats maxim of working to ‘keep the bastards honest’. High on his agenda is to relentlessly champion for the establishment of a Federal anti-corruption commission with real teeth, expose government wrongdoing, policy failures, along with corrupt and unethical behaviour. 

“I want to see a Federal ICAC take a deep dive into our national political life and the secret inner workings of the federal government, warts and all, so that we can scrape off the barnacles of resistance to meaningful change. Any politician who does not support this, you have to wonder why? To protect themselves? A fellow crony? There is no middle ground, you either support integrity or you don’t.”

“We need independents in the Senate to push hard for transparency and accountability. We need to fix our broken, dysfunctional political system.”

The Senator is deeply concerned about extreme right parties from Queensland wanting to ‘cash-in’ on COVID.

“It’s hard to see how South Australia’s interests would be advanced by anyone beholden either to Mrs Hanson’s erratic dictates or Mr Palmer’s cheque book,” Senator Patrick said.

Senator Rex Patrick’s action plan

  • Early establishment of a Royal Commission to investigate Australia’s Covid-19 response before embarrassing documents are shredded
  • Ensure South Australia isn’t taken for granted by the major Federal political parties
  • Stop the two Queensland-led far-right parties – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation or Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party from winning a South Australian Senate seat
  • Be free from partisan alliances and bias, to assess legislation on its merits and push for important reforms, including the establishment of a Federal ICAC as well as real transparency for political donations and caps on political advertising and campaign expenditure
  • Fight hard for SA jobs as part of overall national policy for increasing sovereign capabilities
  • Champion SA’s water rights and environmental protection in the operation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan
  • Protect the marine environment of the Great Australian Bight
  • Combat climate change and to deal with the impacts it is already having on our continent
  • Campaign for the Federal Government to put Australian firms first when they purchase goods and services
  • Greater national self-reliance including much larger sovereign defence industry capabilities
  • Shame corporate executives whose companies make huge profits but avoid paying any income tax
  • Champion measures to stop foreign interference in our political system

“I’m good for this fight. Many people have urged me to “Sic ‘Em Rex!” I’ve adopted that famous catchphrase as my unofficial motto for the battle ahead.”