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30 January 2021

The Australian Electoral Commission has approved the registration of the Rex Patrick Team as a Parliamentary party in the Federal Register of Political Parties.

“Five months after I made my decision to represent South Australia as an independent Senator, I am pleased to announce that the AEC has approved the registration of my Team which will support my campaign at the forthcoming Federal Election," Senator Rex Patrick said. 

“Parliamentary Party registration is essential for me to run a competitive race, and it will provide a focus for the considerable support I have received from many South Australians and indeed people from all over our country over recent months.”

“The Rex Patrick Team is committed to a strong and independent voice for South Australia in Federal Parliament.”

“This is vital to ensure that our state isn’t taken for granted by the major Federal political parties which are all dominated by the political and economic interests of Australia’s east coast.

“It’s also crucial that we have strongly independent representatives, free from partisan alliances and bias, to assess legislation on its merits and push for important reforms, including the establishment of a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption as well as real transparency for political donations and caps on political advertising and campaign expenditure.” 

"In October 2017 I was honoured to replace Nick Xenophon as a Senator for South Australia. In the three years and three months since then I have done my best to represent our great state and to hold the Federal Government to account for its performance.”

“I’ve fought hard for SA jobs – whether in relation to submarine construction and maintenance in Adelaide, or to support the Whyalla steel mill.”

“I’ve championed SA’s water rights and environmental protection in the operation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. I’ve campaigned to protect the marine environment of the Great Australian Bight. I am absolutely convinced of the need for further action to combat climate change and to deal with the impacts it is already having on our continent."

"I’ve campaigned for the Federal Government to put Australian firms first when they purchase goods and services. I’ve used the Parliament as a forum to shame corporate executives whose companies make huge profits but avoid paying any income tax.”

“I’ve spoken up in defence of whistleblowers who have exposed government wrongdoing, policy failures, corrupt and unethical behaviour. I want to see a Federal ICAC take a deep dive into our national political life and the workings of many government agencies."

"In every Parliament since 1981, South Australia’s Federal representation has included representatives from the political centre, standing between the intensely partisan factions of Liberal and Labor. That independent approach, free from big party domination, assessing issues on their merits and negotiating better outcomes for SA, has served our state and our nation, very well.”

“I am determined to continue this important and distinctly South Australian political tradition, and the formation of the Rex Patrick Team is an important step forward in this campaign."

“Many people on social media have urged me to “Sic ‘Em Rex!” I’m happy to adopt that famous catchphrase as an unofficial motto for the Rex Patrick Team.” 

Further details about the Rex Patrick Team will be available at and I'll be making further announcements as we get closer to the Federal election."