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11 February 2021

“Minister Keith Pitt’s response to the Productivity Commission’s National Water Reform 2020 Draft Report has shown why the Nationals simply can’t be trusted with the Water portfolio,” South Australian Senator Rex Patrick said today.

The report released today sounds the alarm on the need to tackle climate change, yet the National Party has consistently fought against measures to do so.

“The Nationals are too self-interested and beholden to big irrigators to act responsibly in the national interest when it comes to Australia’s precious water resources. Prime Minister Scott Morrison knows this but is only interested in avoiding trouble with his partners.”

“We’ve seen how much damage has been done to the Murray-Darling River under the stewardship of the Nationals, we can’t afford to allow them to continue to dictate water policy for the nation in our changing climate and the increased community demands and population.”

“When it comes to water policy, the Nationals are the political equivalent of European Carp. One way or another they need to be flushed out if our vital waterways."

“Minister Pitt’s fixation on dams does nothing to solve the problem of water usage and scarcity.”

“Water security is a national security issue that requires strong leadership.”