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9 September 2020


On World Electric Vehicle Day, Independent South Australian Senator Rex Patrick has called on the Federal and South Australian Governments to embrace the opportunity to bring vehicle manufacturing back to SA.

"Electric vehicles are the cars of the future. When it comes to EVs in Australia, we don't want to just be buying them, we want to be building them too."

Senator Patrick has been advocating to the Federal Government on behalf of ACE Electric Vehicles Group to assist them in establishing an EV manufacturing plant in Adelaide using a number of South Australian companies in the build, including Aldom Motor Body Builders.

"I am pleased to say that the Federal Government is listening and are at least looking at ways to support the proposal," Senator Patrick said.

"This is a serious opportunity for the return of vehicle manufacturing to SA and one that should be embraced by both the Federal and State governments. It's about 2000 direct and indirect jobs and a billion dollars of annual local economic activity when the program hits its peak."

Yesterday SenSen Networks Limited announced to the Australian Stockmarket that they have signed an MOU with ACE Electric Vehicle to collaborate on developing autonomous driving capabilities for the vehicles that ACE Electric Vehicles intends to build in Adelaide.

"The world is embracing EVs and we must too. It’s not a question of if, it’s simply one of when."

Electric vehicles are the future because they:

  • Have productivity advantages through fuel and maintenance savings
  • Support our balance of trade - most of our fuel is imported
  • Assist with fuel security - they are not reliant on foreign sourced fuels
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Reduce air pollution

“Uptake in other countries has far exceeded uptake in Australia. But I think Australians are ready for an Aussie made EV."

"As we work towards a post COVID-19 future, all levels of Government should be looking at increasing our manufacturing capability - EVs can play a big part in this."