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18 June 2021

Independent Senator Rex Patrick has slammed the Coalition Government’s prosecution of whistleblower Witness K.

"Today I stand ashamed to be Australian," Senator Patrick said.

“In 2004 the Australian Government, having entered ‘good faith’ negotiations with Timor-Leste over the Australia-Timor Leste maritime boundary, spied on the Timorese negotiating team by bugging their Cabinet room. To be clear, Australia wasn’t spying on them for reasons of national security - they were trying to swindle the newest and poorest nation in the world of oil and gas royalties.”

“ASIS Officer, Witness K, blew the whistle on this conspiracy to defraud the people Timor-Leste. He did so through formal channels.”
“Today Witness K was convicted of an offence under the Intelligence Services Act. He pleaded guilty after being worn down over almost a decade by the Goliath that is the Federal Government – starting with a raid on his home and the confiscation of his passport in 2013.”
“The prosecution of Witness K is a disgrace. Make no mistake - Witness K is a hero.”